Always / It's Bubbly
6.5 x 13 x 6.5cm
From the exhibition From Nowhere to Nowhere II

"Double Rainbow." Catalogue essay by Amita Kirpalani.

Dan Rule, David Mutch: From Nowhere to Nowhere, The Age, September 21, 2013

There's something of a nihilist undercurrent to David Mutch's new collection of still photographs, audiovisual works and sculptural castings. Broken concrete, buzzing fluorescent light, monochromatic minimalism and obscured figures lurch, twist and lie idle, without context or decipherable logic. The vast video work that lines one wall of the space captures a gaunt figure adorned in a hood, staggering and swaying in a kind of vacant dance, the flickering of a fluorescent light triggering gaps and breaks in the arc of the performance. The same hood that the figure wears hangs mutely in the space like a monument to this unruly, directionless jig. Mutch's photographs, meanwhile, describe fragments of urban detritus; shattered concrete and twisted steel piled in an unspectacular heap as if a kind urban silt. In a second video work, a single white dash rotates and judders in tight choreography with an industrial sonic pulse, transforming the simplest of forms into an almost hypnotising composition of shapes and guises. From Nowhere to Nowhere comes closer to suggesting an internal, psychological reverie. When alone with our thoughts, place, context and materials need not always amount to much.